Our Team


Dana R. Dille

Dana R. Dille Heather leads is leading the Entertainment column. She has mastered the art of writing since her childhood, and with time, this has developed to be an enormous talent. When we hired her, we were definite that her skill sets would benefit our website, and gladly, we were right. Not only she has shown skills in writing, but she has also demonstrated her ability to manage time according to her work schedule.

Address: 1445 Sycamore Fork Road Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311, USA

Phone: (+1) 954-257-0954

Email: Dana@globalnewshut.com


Germaine K. Curran

Germaine K. Curran is leading the team writing for Day-To-Day. She is a newcomer in the organization and has already made her base and reputation with her hard work and her efficiency towards her field. Being a student of computer science it has become easier for her to understand the objectives and the expected results of this column. She is also an excellent cook, and now and then, and we get the opportunity to taste her deliciously baked cookies.

Address: 4772 Barnes Street Winter Park, FL 32789, USA

Phone: (+1) 407-334-2227

Email: Germaine@globalnewshut.com


David M. Poteet

David M. Poteet is head of the column where articles related to the Technical get posted. Before this job, Alfredo has continued his academia as much as he could and ended up doing a Masters in Arts. His hands-on knowledge about this field is vast, and this has resulted in articles, which are high in quality and is a treat to the mind. In his vacant time, he loves to take a walk outside in the streets and talk to people.

Address: 4779 Jadewood Farms Irvington, NJ 07111, USA

Phone: (+1) 973-372-6155

Email: David@globalnewshut.com


Raul T. Slifer