Rina solar making ready a mass manufacturing of their 500w+ modules

China: Chinese language panel maker organization Trina solar a dominant issuer of included pv modules and clever power solutions introduced the pilot line for the mass manufacturing of the 500w+ duo max v and tall max v (“v collection”) modules. The event is a first-rate waymark done by the corporation this year after the global release of the v series on February 27.

Trina reporting a conversion efficiency of 21% for each product, the modules encompass ‘massive-format’ 210mm silicon wafers and the manufacturer’s multi-busbar generation. It is available in versions he duomax v bifacial double-glass modules and tallman v again sheet modules. And can be connected to photovoltaic designs. With multi-busbar sun modules made of 210mm cells- as well as laminated welding system able to handling mass manufacturing.

Yin rongfang Trina solar vice fashionable manager and govt vice chairman stated the 500w+ v collection modules had elevated their stage of overall performance in the discipline of technological improvement and manufacturing method, together with product integration and downstream structures.

We may want to take hold of complete interest and popularity among media, customers, and industry colleagues on behalf of the launch- it perceives a price boom of the complete photovoltaic enterprise, also leading the industry to sun 5. 0 technology. And a positive marketplace for extremely-excessive power modules. The duomax v bifacial double-glass modules have accomplished the tuv rheinland photovoltaic module iec take a look at and been recounted with iec 61215 and iec 61730 pv module overall performance requirements certificates

Dana R. Dille

Dana R. Dille

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